CLI Documentation


This is an unstable feature of aumbry. Use with discretion!


The Aumbry command-line interface is available as an extra requirement available on PyPI.

pip install aumbry[cli]


usage: aumbry [-h] {upload,edit,view} ...

CLI Tool for Aumbry

positional arguments:
    upload       Uploads a configuration file
    edit         Edits a configuration file
    view         Displays a configuration file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit


The upload sub-command allows for you to push up a configuration.

aumbry upload \
    --file-type yml \
    --param-store-region us-east-1 \
    --param-store-prefix /my/aws/prefix \
    ./path/to/my/config.yml \
    my.aumbry.config:ConfigClass \


The edit sub-command enabled you to open up your configuration file.

aumbry edit ./path/to/my/config.yml


The view sub-command prints out your configuration file to stdout. This feature is usually used in conjunction with encrypted configuration files.

aumbry view ./path/to/my/config.yml

Encrypted Configuration

Encryption and Decryption of configuration happens using Cryptography’s Fernet capability. To use this functionality, provide your key via the --fernet-key cli option.